When we got a phone call for a SURPRISE 50TH in 2018, we thought “How FUN! Let’s Do It!”

However, as anyone who lives in Atlanta can tell you, mid-September is excruciatingly H-O-T & uncomfortable. The Big Green Bus is great fun & it has about 17 fans but does NOT have air conditioning. What if the heat & humidity spoiled the fun??

“That won’t be a problem for us!! SEE YOU SOON!!”

We could tell we were in for some fun with this group but really we had NO IDEA how much!!!

So we reached out to some local musicians & put together a great party with stops at our two favorite breweries (Three Taverns Craft Brewing & Orpheus Brewing). On the pre-arranged date at the pre-arranged time, we stopped the bus in the middle of the street in front of the Victory Sandwich Bar in Decatur, we called out for TERRY (our guest of honor) & the party was ON!!!

Check out this highlight video! These are just a few of many unforgettably fun moments from this Milestone SURPRISE Birthday Party with this super-fun group from Lake Hartwell 🙂 This was the 1st of (so far) 4 birthday parties they’ve had on the bus & they have totally become our best friends LOL.

SERIOUSLY, if someone you know has a a birthday (especially a MILESTONE birthday) within the next 6 months, reach out & Save the Date 🙂 You’ll be glad you did!