Use Marta For An Easy And Safe Transport to The Rockin Road Trip

Are you ready for an unforgettable evening of fun, music, and adventure on the Big Green Bus? Getting to our exciting Rockin Road Trip has never been easier, thanks to the convenient MARTA Decatur station. We’ve made sure your journey to the party is as stress-free as possible, allowing you to focus on the festivities rather than the logistics. Unless you are booking a private party with us, we will use this same pickup location every time!

Getting to the Rockin Road Trip With MARTA is Easy!

Worry-Free Transportation With MARTA

MARTA offers multiple starting locations throughout the North Suburbs of Atlanta, ensuring you can easily access the MARTA Decatur Station from your place of residence. Our pickup location is a 3 minute walk from the MARTA Decatur Station. This means you can leave the car behind and focus on enjoying the evening without the worry of a long drive home later.

Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) and Relax

One of the many perks of taking MARTA to our Rockin Road Trip is that you can BYOB on the bus. No need to stress about who will be the designated driver or the hassle of arranging transportation after the event. MARTA takes care of that for you, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the evening’s festivities.

Step 1: Find Your Starting MARTA Station

For your convenience, we’ve included a map displaying all MARTA locations throughout the Atlanta area. With a vast network of stations and routes, MARTA makes it simple for you to reach us from as far north as North Springs. More information about the train stations and their pickup times can be found here.

Step 2: Instructions for Riding MARTA

If you are on the blue line, take this straight to Decatur station! Once you are off the train in Decatur, use the 2nd map below to get to Ponko Chicken.

If you ride the red, green, or yellow lines:

  • Listen for the announcement of Five Points Station. This is where all rail lines intersect.
  • Get on the Blue Line going East. Notices on the front and sides of the train also may read bound for Indian Creek.
  • From here, listen for announcements for Decatur and get off here.
  • Finally, use the 2nd map bellow to walk to the pickup destination Ponko Chicken!

Navigate In Decatur to the Pickup Location With Ease

To help you navigate your way to the party, we’ve included a map below that shows the route from the MARTA Decatur Station to Ponko Chicken in Decatur. It’s a 3 minute breeze, and you’ll be on the Big Green Bus in no time! Our bus will be parked on Church street next to the Ponko Chicken Sandwich sign.

So, there you have it – an easy, safe, and convenient way to get to the Rockin Road Trip on the Big Green Bus. With MARTA and our strategically located pickup point, the party starts the moment you step on board. Join us for a night to remember!