Turning 40 could be slightly traumatic for a woman… but take one look at that beautiful smile — NO TRAUMA THERE!! 🙂

So when she called to request her party, we coordinated with our favorite musicians (the band formerly known as The Big Green Bus Band) & our favorite breweries (Three Taverns Brewing & Orpheus Brewing) to organize a great party for this beauty on her special day. Finally, we asked the Birthday Girl & her group of friends to meet us at our favorite pub on earth: Brick Store Pub!


Check out this highlight video! These are just a few of many unforgettably fun moments from this Milestone Birthday Party for this sweet & gorgeous young lady! The very best part of all? When we asked if there was a special song that she’d like to sing & MOLLY requested a classic tune by the Beatles! Be sure you watch the highlight video until the end to check her out! Such a lovely girl PLUS she can sing too! This was the first but definitely not the last time we’ve been singing karaoke on the #BigGreenBus!

Seriously, don’t miss this AMAZING FUN!!!

SERIOUSLY, if someone you know has a a birthday (especially a MILESTONE birthday) within the next 6 months, reach out & Save the Date 🙂 You’ll be glad you did!