Happy Birthday On The Bus

2023 will be Year 6 for Rockin Road Trip (minus #%@!#%@ COVID) & as we look back over the 45 months that we’ve actually been Open For Business, it reminds us of just how much we’ve learned while making it up every step of the way.

We’ve learned that THE MOST POPULAR reason for a party is a birthday!! Seriously – haven’t we all outgrown cake & ice cream by now?

And can you think of a better way to celebrate another year around the sun than to be surrounded by your friends & family on a party bus?!? WE SURE CAN’T & neither can you since we’ve hosted birthday parties for ALMOST 60 PEOPLE on the ‘Birthday Bus’ LOL.

But you know what’s even bigger, even better & even more special than birthday parties?

MILESTONE Birthday Parties

We’re proud to have had 35 MILESTONE BIRTHDAY PARTIES on the Big Green Bus! What is the most popular age to celebrate? 40 is the #1 most popular, followed by 30, 50 & then 60.

It’s hard to tell you how much fun these parties are… but WE CAN SHOW YOU! So visit this blog often because we’re going to flashback to unforgettably fun Milestone Birthday Party moments!

AND if you know someone with a birthday (especially a MILESTONE birthday) within the next 6 months, reach out & Save the Date 🙂 You’ll be glad you did!