How Do We Choose?

With soo many breweries in ATL, have you ever wondered how we choose where to go? Well, wonder no more because in two parts, here’s your answer!

PART 1 – It depends where the party starts off. As you plan your party, we’ll help you understand which breweries the Big Green Bus can easily travel to within 20-30 minutes max. We know that a 3-hr Party On Wheels is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before but if you have to pee really, reeeeally bad, that can take the fun out of it real quick! And for that reason, we will never knowingly spend longer than 20-30 minutes on the bus without a break!! You’re welcome 🙂

PART 2 – After you decide where you’d like to visit, we’ll contact the breweries on your behalf to give them the date/time heads up & to ask for a discount. It’s nice to feel welcome, right? Well, way too many don’t bother to return our call… Or they say no discounts. Or they’re just entirely too hard to deal with. So New for 2022, we now have a list of Participating Breweries that actually WANT YOUR BUSINESS & if they’re not on the list, the Big Green Bus doesn’t visit. Make sense? We think so.