Breweries & More Breweries

Each Rockin Road Trip is a 3 HOUR TOUR (party) but, since we do not have a bathroom on the bus, we must stop somewhere during that party (for obvious reasons) so WHY NOT at a brewery?? And with so many to choose from, we’ve got lots of choices!

There are approx. 50 breweries (not including brewpubs, which serve food) in Metro ATL & at last count, we’ve been to approx 40 of them (many of them multiple times). Note that we always ask for (& often receive) discounts for our road trippers 🙂

Bcuz we’re based in Decatur & the #BigGreenBus gets 6 miles to the gallon, we mostly stay Inside-The-Perimeter (ITP). However, we occasionally venture OTP so if you live in the burbs, do not fear. We can work it out! We work with the party organizer to select the breweries we will visit based on the pick-up/drop-off point (for private & semi-private road trips). For our monthly public road trips, that decision is ours to make, though we are open to suggestions!! For example, we need ideas for the October Public Road Trip on Friday, 10/15. Where should we go??

If you’ve got something to celebrate this fall, we can help you do it in a unique & super-fun way with Music, Beer & a Busload of Fun! And doesn’t that sound AMAZING????