Red Light Dance Off

The people, the places & the celebrations are all completely unique but every single road trip has one thing in common: THEY ARE ALL ABOUT THE FUN (whether during our 1st two years or these days in what we affectionately call Rockin Road Trip 2.0). And one of the things that makes the road trips sooo much fun is when the road trippers dance. But how did they start dancing in the first place? That’s a great question & one that I’ll be happy to answer LOL.

Every single road trip begins in the same way: our host DANNY welcomes everyone & thanks them for joining the party on the Big Green Bus. Then he goes over the itinerary, the introductions & finally he reviews our 3 so-called rules. When he explained our third & final rule (that everyone must remain seated while the bus is moving), the busload of road trippers on our 4th ever road trip interpreted that quite literally! From that moment on, they immediately stood up & danced at every red light & they immediately sat back down as soon as the light turned green!!

So you see this all happened very organically… But we know an EXCELLENT IDEA when we see one!!! We used to have a hand-drawn sign but since we’re rockin our comeback, we thought it only right that we had a brand new & totally improved sign. Can’t wait to hold it up & wave it on our next road trip! It makes a super-fun WAH-WAH sound LOL!!! Just wait til you see/hear it 🙂