Ultimate Dive Bar Party Tour

Rockin Road Trip’s Ultimate Dive Bar Party Tour!

We are excited to launch our Dive Bar Party Road Trip, celebrating any upcoming milestone with a Party on Wheels! The party is on the bus because we are BYOB, so pack your favorite adult beverages. This is a party on wheels with an emphasis on P-A-R-T-Y!

Schedule of Events

Pick-Up at the Starting Location

We’ll kick off our adventure at a convenient meeting spot with plenty of parking. Arrive a few minutes early to get your party and coolers ready! Please be on time, but we will wait up to five minutes if you run late. You can always join us at our first stop!

Rockin Road Trip Party Bus

No matter where we go, the party is always on the bus! Get ready to sing your heart out with no judgment. Karaoke is always a good time and the perfect way to start the celebration!

First Dive Bar Stop

Our first dive bar party road trip stop will give you a taste of the authentic dive bar experience. Be prepared for some solid drinks and a unique atmosphere. Enjoy a stiff drink or two before we get back on the bus!

Rockin Road Trip Party Bus

By now, everyone will be feeling groovy. The karaoke will flow like water, so keep the party vibes going!

Second Dive Bar Stop

Our next dive bar stop offers another authentic experience with a slightly upgraded atmosphere. Have another round of drinks and soak in the dive bar charm. Then it’s back on the bus!

Rockin Road Trip Party Bus

By now, even the shyest will feel bold and comfortable singing and dancing. Step right up to the karaoke mic and show off your skills!

Drop-off at the Starting Location

Our unforgettable day concludes back to where we started. The cost of the transportation and entertainment is covered. Still, you are responsible for your BYOB on the bus and your drinks at the bars.

Join the Fun!

Take advantage of this extraordinary dive bar party adventure! Reserve your seat ASAP to ensure you can join in on the fun. Remember, no kids and no pets, please! Get ready for a day filled with laughter, music, and unforgettable memories with Rockin Road Trip!

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