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Ride The Unique Party Bus To ATL Breweries!

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The Rockin Road Trip bus has been specially customized inside and out to accommodate up to 34 passengers and 2-6 musicians!!  Rockin Road Trip’s Party Bus Rentals are a very fun way to spend an afternoon or evening with a group of friends and to make special visits to breweries and bars around Atlanta! Ask us about how we can customize a road trip especially for you and your group!

Rockin Road Trip is the only party bus in the Decatur / Atlanta area with a live band ON THE BUS!

So the next time you’re planning a special event, why not make it even more special by celebrating that event on our party bus?

Why Our Party Bus Rental for Your Next Atlanta Event?

Our Party Bus is safe, fun, and affordable.


Rockin Road Trip is the fun and safe way to go out drinking in downtown Atlanta with a group of friends and to have a good time.  If you go bar hopping with your friends on your own, you may try to drive yourself to your destinations. Everybody wants to have a good time, but safety should also be a consideration.  Alternatives like Uber help but they don’t accommodate large groups.Couple kissing on the Rocking Road Trip bus Atlanta GA


Not only do you get a ride to awesome Atlanta destinations like Sweetwater, Orpheus Brewing, and others, but Rockin Road Trip is the only Party Bus that rocks out with a live band for the whole night!


PRIVATE road trips are just $1300 for the entire bus (for groups up to 34).
SEMI-PRIVATE road trips are just $45/BYOB seat (for groups of 10-34). NO MATTER whether you reserve the bus for your group or you share it with others, every single road tripper will have an unforgettably great time on Rockin Road Trip’s Party Bus!

Upcoming Road Trips




Record Party


3 Taverns Brewing
Orpheus Brewing


Saturday, 3/9
from 3-6pm




Zach Cambria


Jekyll Brewing
Curahee Brewing


Friday, 3/15
from 7-10pm

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Atlanta Party Bus Rentals

What is the Cost and What is Included?

We work hard to keep the cost affordable for PRIVATE road trips at $1300 (for groups up to 34) & for SEMI-PRIVATE road trips at just $43/BYOB seat (for groups of 10-34). This cost includes fun and safe transportation with LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ON THE BUS to two different breweries with discount drinks available at those breweries, as well as a wonderful evening with a group of Rockin Road Trippers.  On-the-bus drinking is encouraged as a BYOB event.

When Can I Schedule My Event and How Long Does it Last?

We are currently offering Rockin Road Trips on weekends,  (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). To schedule for other days and times that you don’t see below, do not hesitate to contact us!  Each Rockin Road Trip is typically a 3 hour tour and your group can choose from a variety of starting times that work for you.

Typical Trip Times

  • Friday night
    • 7-10 PM
  • Saturday Afternoon
    • 1-4 PM
    • 4-7 PM
    • 7-10 PM
  • Sunday Afternoon
    • 2-5 PM

Where Do We Board The Party Bus For Our Atlanta Adventure?

The group of 10-34 passengers meets at a convenient spot up to one hour prior to departure time. Unless otherwise specified, every road trip departs and returns to the Brick Store Pub.

You Will Love Launching From Brick Store Pub because…

  • There’s a free parking lot at the corner of Swanton Way and Ponce de Leon Place (across from Big Tex)
  • Brick Store Pub offers a great place to grab a bite to eat before boarding the bus.
  • Brick Store Pub is one of the top beer bars in the nation!

What Are The Party Bus Destinations and How Does The Road Trip End?

One of our live bands perform for us while we travel to two different breweries.  While some tours will have pre-selected breweries, you can schedule your own events by contacting us directly.  See all of the breweries that the party bus can visit throughout Atlanta! Practically every brewery we visit offers discount beers to Rockin Road Trippers!  We spend approximately 45 minutes at each brewery.

After we leave the second brewery, the party bus returns to Brick Store Pub, where the party started.  At this point the Rockin Road Trip has come to an end, but you’re free to have your party continue at Brick Store Pub

No matter what your occasion is, we know that our party bus is an unforgettable way to celebrate your special event! Contact us to experience the Rockin Road Trip for yourself!

“Had so much fun with the Rockin Road trip last night for a friend’s 40th birthday! Such a cool concept, with an awesome live band and brewery stops with discounted beers! Highly recommend!”


Atlanta, GA


Read our FAQs or contact us about riding the bus, booking your band to play on the bus or bringing the bus to your brewery!


Where do I go to get on the bus?

Each Rockin Road Trip will depart from:

Brick Store Pub
125 East Court Square
Decatur, GA 30030

(unless otherwise stated)

When is my favorite band playing?

We’ll do our best to list the dates & the bands for each trip so you won’t miss your favorites!

What if I don't like beer?

You can bring wine on the bus & maybe you should try some of the delicious ciders at the brewery!

What about parking?

Parking in Decatur can be challenging but there is FREE parking available in the county lot after 6PM on weekdays or anytime on weekends! The lot is a short walk from Brick Store Pub <across from Big Tex @ the corner of Swanton Way & Ponce de Leon Place>.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your BYOB seat depends upon the number of people in your group but it always covers your 3 HOUR TOUR including live entertainment, safe/fun transportation & discount beers @ the breweries we visit. 

- PRIVATE road trip: $1300 (groups up to 34)
- SEMI-PRIVATE road trip: $45/BYOB seat (for groups of 10-34).


How many people can ride on the bus?

34 people PLUS THE BAND can experience each Rockin Road Trip!

How many breweries will we go to?

No more than 2 breweries per trip so we can be sure our Rockin Road Trippers have the best possible time!

How long does each trip last?

Each trip is a 3 HOUR TOUR — that’s right! A 3 HOUR TOUR!

Can I take MARTA?

YES. The Decatur MARTA station is just 1-2 blocks from the Brick Store!

Can I reserve a trip in advance?

YES! We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to do just that! Click Book Now or contact us at 678.640.2723!

Can I purchase my ticket at the last minute?

YES AND NO. There is no deadline but we reserve the right to cancel any road trip if we do not sell a minimum of 10 seats. We STRONGLY SUGGEST you book early!

Can I drink on the bus?

YES. You may drink beer & wine only (sorry-no booze) on the bus. You may even bring a small cooler with you on the bus but it must fit under the seat in front of you.

NOTE that all open beers must remain on the bus. 

Can I bring my child?

NO. Rockin Road Trips are exclusively for the 21 & over crowd.

SORRY, KIDDOS — This fun is for adults ONLY!



Big Tex
308 West Ponce de Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030

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