EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO: The ink on the outside (courtesy of my cuz, the guitar player) & the nails on the inside (courtesy of my unc, not shown-probably still working) were barely in place but the bus would soon be ready to rock down the road, thus beginning...

Saturday Night Party Road Trip

Some people celebrate birthdays, some celebrate corporate team building & some just celebrate the weekend! The Saturday Night Party Road Trip for KENYA & HER COUSINS fell into the last category & wow did we have fun on Saturday, November 17, 2018. When the...

ALAN’s SURPRISE 30th Bday Blast

Coordinating a SURPRISE Birthday Blast is not easy, lol. KAT contacted Rockin Road Trip for the very first time on September 30th & we've been in touch numerous times to plan even the tiniest details ever since! Even though ATL traffic tried to mess with the...

EVAN’s 30th Bday Blast

"Hello, Rockin Road Trip! I'd like to plan a road trip to celebrate a 30th birthday!" "Absolutely! Who's birthday are you celebrating?" "WELL, it's complicated... but his name is Evan." And the rest is history, lol. We were happy to help our new friend EVAN celebrate...


3 ROAD TRIPS IN 3 DAYS FRIDAY NIGHT - SEATS AVAILABLE Some road trippers are celebrating EVAN'S 30TH BDAY & some are just celebrating the weekend but whatever YOU want to celebrate, why not do it with us on the #biggreenbus? Meet us @ Brick Store after...

MISS MEG’s 34th Bday Blast

We did something totally different before we started Rockin Road Trip last January, but when it was done it was D-O-N-E! Interestingly, we keep in touch with fewer than 5 people from those 12 years --- And one of them isMISS MEG Love this sweetie & super-glad...

DOROTHY’S 40th Bday Blast

For our standard road trips, we depart from the Brick Store Pub in Downtown Decatur & head first to Orpheus Brewing @ Piedmont Park, then to Three Taverns Brewing in Decatur & then we wrap up the 3-hour tour right back where we started. BUT not all road trips...


It all started with a dream... plus an old yellow school bus, lol.   But teamwork makes the dream work!   First, how about a few FUN FACTS? Bus Capacity: Min 10/Max 34. SHARED Road Trip (1 band/DJ, 2 breweries in 3 hr tour): $39 per BYOB seat. PRIVATE Road...

How It Works

SOO unique & SOO fun but SOO hard to understand!   HOW does it work??? It's really not complicated... In fact, there are FIVE easy steps! STEP 1 - PLAN YOUR ROAD TRIP What would you like to celebrate & how  many people would you like to...

TIFF’s SURPRISE 30th Bday Blast

It's funny how one road trip so often leads to another & then that road leads to another & so on. So way back in July, we worked with a nice young lady named Margot to surprise her boyfriend DAN...  which led to this wild n crazy bday blast! And while...


Where do I go to get on the bus?

Each Rockin Road Trip will depart from:

Brick Store Pub
125 East Court Square
Decatur, GA 30030

(unless otherwise stated)

When is my favorite band playing?

We’ll do our best to list the dates & the bands for each trip so you won’t miss your favorites!

What if I don't like beer?

You can bring wine on the bus & maybe you should try some of the delicious ciders at the brewery!

What about parking?

Parking in Decatur can be challenging but there is FREE parking available in the county lot after 6PM on weekdays or anytime on weekends! The lot is a short walk from Brick Store Pub <across from Big Tex @ the corner of Swanton Way & Ponce de Leon Place>.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your BYOB seat depends upon the number of people in your group but it always covers your 3 HOUR TOUR including live entertainment, safe/fun transportation & discount beers @ the breweries we visit. 

- PRIVATE road trip: $1300 (groups up to 34)
- SEMI-PRIVATE road trip: $45/BYOB seat (for groups of 10-34).


How many people can ride on the bus?

34 people PLUS THE BAND can experience each Rockin Road Trip!

How many breweries will we go to?

No more than 2 breweries per trip so we can be sure our Rockin Road Trippers have the best possible time!

How long does each trip last?

Each trip is a 3 HOUR TOUR — that’s right! A 3 HOUR TOUR!

Can I take MARTA?

YES. The Decatur MARTA station is just 1-2 blocks from the Brick Store!

Can I reserve a trip in advance?

YES! We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to do just that! Click Book Now or contact us at 678.640.2723!

Can I purchase my ticket at the last minute?

YES AND NO. There is no deadline but we reserve the right to cancel any road trip if we do not sell a minimum of 10 seats. We STRONGLY SUGGEST you book early!

Can I drink on the bus?

YES. You may drink beer & wine only (sorry-no booze) on the bus. You may even bring a small cooler with you on the bus but it must fit under the seat in front of you.

NOTE that all open beers must remain on the bus. 

Can I bring my child?

NO. Rockin Road Trips are exclusively for the 21 & over crowd.

SORRY, KIDDOS — This fun is for adults ONLY!



Big Tex
308 West Ponce de Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030

Contact Us

If you want our bus to stop at your brewery or if your band wants to be the next "Band On The Bus" please contact us for details.



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