The mission of the Rockin Road Trip is to help people celebrate WHATEVER’s important to them with WHOMEVER’s important to them in an unforgettable way.

A surprise birthday road trip that turns into a Latin dance party certainly falls into that category!

It is our pleasure to present the Road Trip Report containing all the pics & vids that we captured during the Latin Dance Party Road Trip on Wednesday, October 18, 2019!

As planned, we went first to ORPHEUS BREWERY… And that was when we realized that the ladies did NOT like beer!!

So we quickly decided to turn the Big Green Bus into a Latin Dance Party Bus & big thanks to DJ DR CRAIG who stepped in at the last minute & knocked it OUTTA THE BUS!!!

These ladies may not have liked beer but they LOVED tequila & champagne! And no matter the generation, we realized that Latin women love to



Unless you’ve experienced it for yourself, you really can’t understand


to drink adult beverages…

while singing at the top of your lungs…

& rolling down the street…

waving to everyone you see!!!

While our talented bus driver navigated the streets of the ATL,
we kicked off the super-popular DANCE PARTY portion of the road trip!


Special thanks to Miss URSULA for organizing this fun party!


Thanks to each & every one of you for rockin’ with us on the Rockin Road Trip!

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Every private Rockin Road Trip is customizable just for YOU 🎶🍻😎 

Rent the entire bus (34 seats) for $1500, choose your pickup/drop-off spot, your two breweries & a LIVE BAND or DJ!!

What a totally unique & unforgettable way to celebrate LIFE!

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This is THE perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, engagement, bachelor<ette>, wedding, divorce, sporting event, corporate event… YOU NAME IT.

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Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip