From time to time, we partner with our friends @ Great Exploration Tours to offer the Atlanta Pub & Brewery Crawl.

It is our pleasure to present the Road Trip Report containing all the pics & vids that we captured during the Dallas Baseball Parents Road Trip on Saturday, July 6, 2019!

DJ CITIBOI PAUL was ready to get the bus rockin but things started kinda slow…

And then we made a special stop by request!

 And just like that our slow start VANISHED!

This group of baseball parents from Dallas was really getting into the party…

which happens on every single road trip!


As scheduled, we arrived at Stop #1: Orpheus Brewing & the road trippers headed in to see what this great brewery had to offer!

Not sure why but notice that all the women (plus Coach EDDY) sat at one table…

And all the men (including Coach EDDY!) sat at another table…

Maybe that’s how they do things in Dallas?

Time flies when you’re having fun drinking with friends & soon we were back on the bus! Our road trippers were loosening up & don’t miss the photobomber!

If you haven’t been on the bus, you really can’t understand HOW MUCH FUN IT IS to drink adult beverages while singing at the top of your lungs & rolling down the street, waving to the people on the street!!!

Before we knew it, we’d arrived at Stop #2: Lost Druid Brewing. This place just opened about 2 weeks ago & luckily for this group of road trippers, they serve food!

Back on the BIG GREEN BUS & we were off to our 3rd & final stop for the evening! 

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words…

And the videos at the end of this trip report are worth at least a million or possibly a zillion!!

But first we went to Stop #3: New Realm Brewing & checked out the impressive skyline view of ATL!

And now we have saved the best for last…

The videos that may or may not be slightly embarrassing…


Please accept our apologies on behalf of the photographer/videographer…

There is a slight chance that she may have had just a bit too much to drink, lol

And just like that, our road trip came to an end!


 Thanks to each & every one of you for rockin’ with us on the Rockin Road Trip!

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Rent half the bus (17 seats) for $775 or entire bus (34 seats) for $1500, choose your pickup/drop-off spot, your two breweries & a LIVE BAND or DJ!!

What a totally unique & unforgettable way to celebrate LIFE!

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Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip