All birthdays are special & soo very great to have…

But milestone birthdays are EXTRA special…

And when the person having the birthday is DANNY THIETS???

Well, that was the best part of it all!!

On the day he actually turned 60 – May 23, 2019!

And now for pics & vids from Danny’s SURPRISE 60th Birthday Party & Road Trip on Saturday, May 25, 2019!!

All the way from St. Paul, Minnesota, Danny’s 1st surprise was FAVORITE cousin Jane & her travel companion Joyce!

When Jane comes to town, you just gotta stock up on supplies…


And now let’s get this party started!

These Minnesota Girls were loving the hot weather!

Then, all the way from next door, we welcomed our neighbor ERIC.

He’s originally from Ohio so we had fun talking about the midwest…

And look at their eyes… They could be brother & sister!

Hi Joyce!

Soo easygoing & fun, think this is the 2nd or 3rd time she’s traveled to ATL with Jane!!

Oh wow… Look who it is!!!

T-Man TERRY O’GRADY from Tampa!

Danny’s tennis friend from 40 years ago!

Thanks for making the trip & fitting in so well, T-Man!

Sooo sorry the photographer must have been drinking & forgot to capture the entrance of our long-time friends DAN & LUANN!

But wait… There’s more!

The one & only PAUL… Our original bus driver!

While we’d been keeping Danny mostly busy, the Andy Browne Troupe had been quietly setting up on the bus & we were now ready for his SURPRISE Road Trip!

Apologies that Danny had had a few too many pops by this time (he was not alone!!) & he kept calling them the Andy Troupe Band, lol! 

Where’s the tree trimmer when you need him or her??

Stop #1 for this motley crew?


3 Taverns!!!

Still more surprise guests!!!

Funny Man Phil & Fellow Minnesota Viking Fan Jakky!

Fun moments for Danny & friends!

Danny & Dan…

Danny & the Andy Browne Troupe

Time to head back to the majic bus…

That’s ALWAYS where the real party is!

The obligatory “Happy Birthday to Danno!”

Turns out this was THE LAST PIC of Danny for the night!

He stayed on the bus with PAUL instead of climbing all those stairs to the rooftop bar overlooking the Atlanta skyline!

Cousin Jane…

Ever the trouper, ever the life of the party!

Not sure where the rest of the party was at this point…

but it was certainly past time for us to make our final trip HOME SWEET HOME!

3+ cases of beer + 3 bottles of wine later (NOT TO MENTION THE BEERS AT THE BREWERIES), Danny pulled a Fred & disappeared into the bedroom for the night.

Guess his Rockin Road Trip had rocked the 60yo to sleep.


The morning after is never easy & this was no different.

However, Cousin Jane wanted to see the spot where a TV show called Auction Kings??? is filmed…

Never heard of it so my headache & I stayed in the AC, lol.

Next we stopped for some Killer Burgers (!) & then headed home for a nap, lol.

But we were back somewhat in action at Sweetwater that evening to wrap up Danny’s 60th…

In spite of our strict instruction for NO GIFTS, some people just refuse to listen, lol.

We would like to thank Andy Browne for the CDs,

Eric for the Outback Gift Card,

Dan & Luann for the cooler backpack + delish treats,

Terry for the bottle of red wine,

Jane & Joyce for the Vikings goodies.

My beautiful mom is always with me…

She inspired me to purchase this gift for Danny & I.

Soon it will hang in the center to decorate our tree house,

just as she suggested to me many years ago.

 Thanks to everyone who was able (& everyone who wanted) to rock with us on the Rockin Road Trip!

We loved having you all & we hope you had as much fun as we did… If so, please SHARE this with your friends cool  Word of mouth is the very BEST marketing tool & we’d definitely appreciate your help!

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Please contact us to arrange for YOUR NEXT Rockin Road Trip!! 

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip