We were really excited about the Marlay Goes to the Atlanta United Game Road Trip (just the 1st of 4)!! We were also really, really excited about the partying Faction people we met in the Gulch!

And we were really, really, REALLY excited about the Corporate Road Trip that came about as a direct result of that!

It is our pleasure to present the pics & vids that we captured during the NCR Corporate Road Trip on Wednesday, May 15, 2019!!

RECORD PARTY was playing on our #BigGreenBus for just the 2nd of what we hope will be many, MANY times & they got the party started right away by playing songs we ALL know & love! Even better, this song was BY REQUEST & they nailed it!

The road trippers were settling in to the party & the cold beers (arranged by Chad with assist from Rockin Road Trip) were helping 🙂

Soon we arrived at Stop #1: Orpheus Brewing – the perfect spot for some pics!

Judging from those smiles, the night was off to a pretty great start & it was time to head back to the bus.

But this unsuspecting group of road trippers didn’t know how much fun we had in store for them, LOL!!

For that matter, we didn’t know that Chad had a little hazing in mind for the new hires!!


GREAT JOB BY THE BAND to be so flexible & so amazing!

As if we could top those performances (!), we arrived at Stop #2: 3 Taverns Brewing!

Time goes soo quickly & before we knew it, we were back on the bus.

But that’s not really a problem, since THAT’S WHERE THE PARTY IS!

And just like that, we had arrived back at the hotel…

Time for this fun group to get off the bus…

But NOT before the band finished Toto’s AFRICA, which is when the last two on the bus FINALLY decided to dance with me!



 Thanks to each & every one of you for rocking with us on the Rockin Road Trip!

We loved having you all & we hope you had as much fun as we did… If so, please SHARE this with your friends cool  Word of mouth is the very BEST marketing tool & we’d definitely appreciate your help!

And don’t forget — If someone you know is looking for something super-fun & totally different to do, please think of us!

This is THE perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, engagement, bachelor<ette>, wedding, divorce, sporting event, corporate event… YOU NAME IT.

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Please contact us to arrange for YOUR NEXT Rockin Road Trip!! 

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip