We’ve known COLIN for years so when he asked if we’d be interested in transporting a group of folks from the Marlay House to the Atlanta United game, OF COURSE OUR ANSWER WAS YES!!! Then we met MICHELLE & we organized our thoughts to come up with not just ONE but FOUR games (FOUR Road Trips) this summer.

So if you missed out on the REALLY BIG FUN from Road Trip #1, you still have 3 more chances, lol!! SEATS ARE VERY LIMITED so sign up early for Road Trip #2 against the Montreal Impact on June 29, 2019! We know you don’t want to miss it AGAIN!

Check out what you missed on the Rockin Road Trip BEFORE, DURING & AFTER the Atlanta United VICTORY vs. the Colorado Rapids on Saturday, April 27, 2019!

In the beginning, this poor group of unsuspecting road trippers really didn’t know what to expect … But we knew (!!!)

And what we knew is that when you add LIVE MUSIC + a couple of cases of beer <Thanks, Marlay House & Creature Comforts> to an already enthusiastic group of friends, you ALMOST ALWAYS end up with something like this.

But the biggest fun on this road trip was just beginning! Check out the NICE ‘Welcome to the Gulch’ from a group of perfect strangers when the big green #RockinRoadTrip bus pulled in with a busload of fun: LIVE BAND playing, people drinking & clearly LOVING LIFE!

After an hour or two of tailgating with the FACTION, our mighty group of road trippers (and almost everyone else!) went inside to the game…

So the band did some jamming…

Bus driver Ashley watched a movie & did some reading…

Danny & our lead guitarist Josh <they call him Jesus Josh> talked about driving for Uber…

And then the band did some more jamming on a cool Phish tune.

Right about then the EXTRA-happy group of road trippers returned to the bus & we were on back on the road again… 

Please do not ask us why the Red Hot Chili Pepper video is sideways… It is perfect on our computer!

Keep in mind that the photographer/videographer is def not a professional PLUS I’m partying right along with you 🙂 

Well before anyone was ready for it, the road trip was coming to an end (especially since we had to rush to Johnny’s Hideaway to pick up/surprise a young lady for her 30th birthday within the hour).




Time to pass the tip jar a la Fat Matt’s Rib Shack & FYI that we split the tips between the band members & the bus driver because we know we clearly couldn’t pull off this kinda fun without them!! 

Thanks to each & every one of you for rocking with us on the Rockin Road Trip & for being part of the 1st BUT NOT LAST Marlay Rockin Road Trip to the United Game!

We loved having you all & we hope you had as much fun as we did… If so, please SHARE this with your friends cool  Word of mouth is the very BEST marketing tool & we’d definitely appreciate your help!

And don’t forget — If someone you know is looking for something super-fun & totally different to do, please think of us!

This is THE perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, engagement, bachelor<ette>, wedding, divorce, sporting event, corporate event… YOU NAME IT.

Check our website for upcoming events or reach out to arrange for YOUR NEXT Rockin Road Trip!! 

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip