We do a lot of networking since we’re trying our hardest to spread the word about Rockin Road Trip. That’s nothing new. We were invited to attend a networking event as guests a few weeks ago. That’s also nothing new & we talked almost NON-stop to anyone who would listen about Rockin Road Trip at that event. Again, that’s nothing new.

And then we met a young woman named JORDAN who was over-the-moon THRILLED about the idea of a Rockin Road Trip for her upcoming 30th birthday… But we had to nix the idea due to previous scheduling commitments.

THAT WAS NEW but we tried & tried to work it out & then we had to leave the event wishing that somehow, some way but knowing it couldn’t happen.


And then we got a call from a guy who said his girlfriend was turning 30… WE KNEW HIS GIRLFRIEND WAS JORDAN and we knew we just had to make it work out as a surprise for her! So that’s exactly what we did on Saturday, April 27, 2019!

This group of road trippers was small but o-m-g they were MIGHTY & from the very beginning, we knew this was a VERY GOOD IDEA!!

It turns out that this party was essentially organized by Jordan’s awesome boyfriend (NICK) & her awesome best friend of 20 years (DANA). What a lucky girl to be surrounded by two people who care so much about her!

But let’s not forget about her awesome group of friends who sang & danced their way to our first stop!!

And what a first stop it was: NEW REALM BREWERY, featuring the glorious view of the Atlanta skyline — especially magnificent on a night like this!!

Here’s the bf, the BIRTHDAY GIRL, the bff & a few photo bombers!

And what a riot that there were not just TWO super-cute JORDANs (Jordan Squared)…

But actually THREE super-cute JORDANS (Jordan Cubed)!

And before we were ready for it, it was time to head back to the bus. However, it’s not usually a problem since THAT’s WHERE THE PARTY IS!! It’s hard to capture how much fun we have but we try 🙂

So we hope you enjoy these hilarious but possibly embarrassing (?) videos!

Before we knew it, we’d arrived at Stop 2: Clermont Lounge!

And that ended up being the final stop for this trip <possibly also for this group? lol>

Thanks to each & every one of you for rocking on the Rockin Road Trip & for creating an unforgettable 30th Birthday celebration that JORDAN will always remember!

We loved having you all & we hope you had as much fun as we did… If so, please SHARE this with your friends cool  Word of mouth is the very BEST marketing tool & we’d definitely appreciate your help!

And don’t forget — If someone you know is looking for something super-fun & totally different to do, please think of us!

Check our website for upcoming events or reach out to arrange for YOUR NEXT Rockin Road Trip!! 

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip