When our friend MEG contacted us & asked if we’d have a party road trip for a friend on her tennis team who was turning 40, OF COURSE WE SAID YES.

It turns out the birthday girl is the sister-in-law of a girl on MEG’s tennis team… complicated, huh? Anyway, MEG, the sister-in-law (GINA) & I put our heads together to design THE PERFECT party road trip for the birthday girl: Ashley, who they affectionately call SMASHLEY.

We thought we’d taken care of every last detail & no one was more excited about the party road trip than MEG. How disappointing for ALL OF US when MEG caught a nasty stomach virus from the little germ-carriers at her elementary school. Rather than infect an entire party-bus-ful of people, Meg had to cancel out…
We missed you, Miss MEG.

But what an amazing party she’d worked so hard to plan…
The 40th Birthday Party Road Trip for Smashley on Friday, March 15, 2019 was an absolute BLAST & THEN SOME!! It was easily the wildest & craziest road trip in the history of Rockin Road Trip!!

By popular request, the amazingly talented ZACH CAMBRIA was on the keys with the magic voice & he was accompanied by ALI HOWARD who never dropped that beautiful smile while keeping the beat on the drums.

This was our first road trip to Alpharetta (A True OTP Adventure)!!

All party road trips are great but they all have their own vibe. From the very first moment, the vibe on this party was ROCKIN!!! Our amazing bus driver ASHLEY navigated the streets of Cumming in the #BigGreenBus. As always, we got tons of attention from the folks on the street & before we knew it we had arrived at  Stop #1: Jekyll Brewing!


Kacey (husband of birthday girl, SMASHLEY), Gina (sister-in-law of birthday girl & party road trip co-organizer) & Andrea (oldest of the three sibs).

We enjoyed a few tasty treats & but as it always does, time flies when you’re having fun. Before we knew it, it was time to get back on the bus!

However, it’s not usually a problem since THAT’s WHERE THE PARTY IS!! It’s hard to capture how much fun we have but we try 🙂 First how about a few happy & affectionate pics!

Before we knew it, we’d arrived at Stop 2: Currahee Brewing!

45 minutes seems like a kind of long time until you’re drinking with friends, lol. Then it is sooo not long enough!! 

Back on the bus for MORE GREAT TUNES from our terrific band & though we never really had any control in the first place, we completely lost whatever tiny bit of control we ever had on the way back!!

This road trip had it all… For the first time ever, EVEN ELVIS, who we can assure you had definitely left the bus!

Thank God we found the MIA 40th Birthday Hat!!

As Danny said, we’d like to thank SMASH for being born!!

Happy 40th to YOU, SMASH!!

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Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip