A nice young lady from Memphis called for information a few months ago… She was wondering whether & how we could put together a Bachelorette Road Trip for her sister’s upcoming wedding!! After a few more conversations with sis (Maid of Honor) & also with Matron of Honor, our plans were set. With the exception of the weather(!), everything was perfect for Amanda’s Bachelorette Road Trip on Saturday Afternoon, January 19, 2019 & it wasn’t too hard to identify this beautiful group!

The #biggreenbus arrived right on schedule so the girls jumped right on — ALL SYSTEMS GO!

The LIVE BAND on the bus is always special…
We are obsessed with the magical voice + the mad skills of our favorite musician ZACH CAMBRIA & we are normally not alone!

Before we knew it, we’d arrived at our 1st Stop: Orpheus Brewery! We all ordered a quick drink & headed outside for lots of fun photo opportunities!

So sorry about the annoying photo bomber, lol!

Check out the musicians taking a break from the cruel & unusual punishment of spending time with a busload of beauties 🙂

Our Host Danny does a great job of keeping track of the time bcuz gathering the group to leave the brewery is usually one of the most challenging parts of the trip… NOT SO with this group! In fact, they were probably THE MOST PUNCTUAL GROUP we have ever had on the bus, lol!! Great job!! 🙂 #youfollowtherules

Things didn’t really go as planned so the group didn’t spend much time or take any pics at our 2nd Stop: 3 Taverns. But luckily Zach & Ali kept the party grooving when we got back on the bus!! 

These girls weren’t big on dancing but fortunately we discovered something they LOVED: S-I-N-G-I-N-G!!

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Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip