Planning a party on the Rockin Road Trip is not exactly complicated…
In fact, it’s not even HARD but we try our best to customize each trip to meet the needs of the Guest of Honor so there are lots of choices to be made. So when we finally met for the first time after chatting numerous times, Hugh Rat already felt like a friend! Thanks to all of our careful planning, we really thought we had everything covered (and that was mostly true) for Amanda’s belated Happy 27th Birthday Blast on Saturday, December 22, 2018!

Running just a little behind schedule, but as previously arranged, we picked up the group at a park in Smyrna & headed straight for Stop #1: 2nd Self Beer Company.

Holiday Hour SNAFUs Happen but that was almost the LAST THING our group of 30+ thirsty road trippers expected to see (!!) Fortunately, we quickly adjusted our plans to spend MORE TIME ON THE BUS & LESS TIME AT BREWERIES so we moved straight to Stop #2: Atlanta Brewing Company where we were, thankfully, welcomed as scheduled by Connor & Britt.

It was our first time at Atlanta Brewing with the bus & we didn’t know exactly what to expect… But while standing in the back room, chatting with about 6 or 7 gorgeous young girls, we learned a few things: 1) Birthday Girl Amanda is the leader of this group, most of whom have been together since middle school & 2) Most of the girls recently received proposals.

And VOILA! Right before our very eyes, Spencer received one!

And then, before we got to the bottom of that story, it was time to load the #biggreenbus for our extended road trip back to Smyrna!! JUST LIKE ALWAYS, THE PARTY WAS ON THE BUS!! See if you remember these moments!!

Pretty soon, the party was ROCKIN’ on the Rockin Road Trip!

BIG THANKS to Amanda for celebrating her 27th Birthday on the #biggreenbus!!

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Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip