It’s funny how one road trip so often leads to another & then that road leads to another & so on. So way back in July, we worked with a nice young lady named Margot to surprise her boyfriend DAN…  which led to this wild n crazy bday blast!

And while celebrating Dan’s birthday, we met ANDY & CAM… which led to this wild n crazy Saturday Night Party after FlipNik <the Flip Cup Tourney hosted by 3 Piece Suit Football>!

And as we celebrated Saturday Night with such a fun group of young people, we connected in a BIG WAY with a beauty named TIFFANY!

And then her husband KYLE called the following week to arrange for Tiffany’s Surprise 30th Birthday Blast, which led to this special moment on Saturday, October 6, 2018:

Their party had started hours earlier so we were off to a great start before we pulled away from the curb!

Most pics are also pretty blurry <it was our 2nd road trip of the day> but you probably get the point. This was a fun group & they were having a great time!

Fortunately for everybody, we’d recently purchased wireless microphones & this group just couldn’t get enough of the LIVE BAND KARAOKE!!

What a lucky young lady to have such a sweet & loving groups of friends, NOT TO MENTION HER SWEET & LOVING HUSBAND KYLE!!

Thank you all so sooo much for celebrating “TIFFANY’S SURPRISE 30th” on the Rockin Road Trip! We hope you had as much fun as we did & if you did, please please help us by SHARING this with your friends cool 

Don’t forget — If someone you know is looking for something super-fun & totally different to do, please think of us! Remember we need a MINIMUM of 10 & a MAXIMUM of 34.

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FRIDAY FUN October 19 from 7-10

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie Rockin Road Trip