The Rockin Road Trip is an entirely unique experience so most of our guests really don’t know what to expect when they get on the #biggreenbus. We can TELL them how much fun they’re gonna have but we’re not sure they really get it.

HOWEVER, we did not have that problem on our last road trip.


Because we had TWO guests of honor & they were both significant others of our musicians, lol

To get things started, half of the group met at our house & they hopped on the bus to start the 28th annual celebration of the birth of DYLAN <boyfriend of Zach – keys & vocals> & then we went to Ponce City Market where we totally surprised 26yo MAYA  <girlfriend of Ali – drums> & we picked up the other half of the group.

Next we hit the road to Maya’s favorite spots on the Maya/Dylan Birthday Blast Road Trip on Saturday, September 29, 2018!

We’ll never forget the first time Zach & Ali played on our bus. It was a 30th birthday blast back in April.

Ali made an unforgettable comment: “I love playing with Zach!! He is great!!”

We agree that Zach is great & ALI IS GREAT TOO!

Team work makes the dream work!

YES it looks like Zach is wearing the same green hat, lol!

We love having these two talented guys perform for the Rockin Road Trippers!

As we rolled to our 1st stop, we grooved to the sounds of ZACH & ALI. They always keep the party rocking & this was no exception!

There is no doubt that it takes a lot of concentration to be so good at your craft. Playing drums – especially on a moving bus – is not easy… Check out ALI’s face & don’t miss the cute smile that is never far away 🙂

Before we knew it, we’d arrived at Stop #1!

We spent some time, drank some delish ciders & played a game or two!



Jason struck the pose & everything! Love the dimples & the HOT LEGS 🙂

Time for the party to move to Stop #2 <which was really a combination of two places> but before we arrived, things started to get kinda INTERESTING!

Introducing our surprise special guest singer: DYLAN!

And don’t miss the end of this video. As always, everybody loves the #RedLightDanceOff!

When we arrived at Stop #2, Maya & her group went to Golda Kombucha <???> & then they joined the majority of the group at Monday Night Garage!

CUTE PIC of Maya, Ali & friends/family!

Time flies when you’re having fun & THIS GROUP WAS HAVING FUN!!

BIG THANKS to Maya & Dylan for celebrating their birthdays with the Rockin Road Trip! How wonderful to be surrounded by your friends & family! We hope you had as much fun as we did & if you did, please please help us by SHARING this with your friends cool 

If you know someone who’s looking for something super-fun & totally different to do, please think of us!

Remember we need a MINIMUM of 10 & a MAXIMUM of 34.

Check our website for upcoming events or reach out to arrange for YOUR NEXT Rockin Road Trip!! Here’s what we’ll be doing next:

SURPRISE 30th Birthday Road Trip October 6 from 7-10PM

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie Rockin Road Trip