Turning the big FOUR OH might be traumatic for some… but clearly that wasn’t the case for MISS MOLLY — who looked anything but traumatized during her Birthday Blast Road Trip on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

In fact, she was positively GLOWING with happiness!! And why not?? Celebrating a milestone while surrounded by 33 of your closest friends is a really special thing! Lucky Lady to have so many who clearly care so much!

BIG THANKS to the Big Green Bus Band… They kept us smiling & singing all night long!

They played all of our favorites & you can never go wrong with the PURPLE ONE. #RIPPrince #MusicalGenius

And the road trippers sang RIGHT ALONG WITH THEM!

From the beginning to the middle to the end of the evening, one thing was ABUNDANTLY CLEAR: This group came to party & that’s exactly what they did! Good thing they came to the right place, lol!

If you’ve ever been on the #biggreenbus, you may know that I usually bring snacks <because it’s such a drink-fest.>

You may also know that I usually — <make that ALWAYS> — throw the snacks out to the road trippers…

And you may also know that I CANNOT THROW FAR, lol.

In fact, I know exactly how far I could throw on Saturday …

WOULD YOU BELIEVE I threw not just one or two but I think three small bags of pretzels & hit this beautiful girl right between the eyes each time!!!!!!!!!

OMG. Clearly, that was NOT GOOD <I was horrified!!!!>

I’m not sure the guy behind her was amused either.

First he signaled that I better watch it & then I think he was letting me know that he could beat me up, lol!!!

Believe it or not, the band randomly played what turned out to be Molly’s favorite song <who knew?> & that unscripted moment MADE THE NIGHT COMPLETE!!


Thank you all so sooo much for celebrating “MISS MOLLY’s 40th” on the Rockin Road Trip! We hope you had as much fun as we did! PLEASE SHARE this blog with your friends cool

If you or someone you know is looking for something fun to do, why not join us for our Labor Day Special? The LAST Saturday of the summer is a good reason for some Day Drinking & saving $5 makes it even sweeter! Join us for the very 1st road trip w/ DJ CRAIG!!

Please help spread the word!

Remember we need a MINIMUM of 10 & a MAXIMUM of 34 or our next road trip is a NO GO which makes us sooo sad.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND ROAD TRIP September 1 from 4-7

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie Rockin Road Trip