What would later turn into THE LARGEST CROWD EVER on the Rockin Road Trip began very quietly in a parking lot in the early afternoon on Saturday, August 18, 2018.

Turns out we’re just slightly older than the target market <!!> so we’d never heard of the flip cup drinking game <4 equally descriptive words that summarize this phenomenon perfectly!> Likewise we’d never heard of the Deep End <a bar on North Avenue in the Old 4th Ward> but those two facts turned out to be besides the point.

When our new BFFs <Cam of Three Piece Suit Football + Caroline & Andy Zirger of Atlanta Bar Crawls> suggested that we “bring the bus” & park it where it could be seen, we were only too happy to accept the kind invitation. We know that the more people who KNOW about the bus, the BETTER it will be for all!

So we contacted the two small groups who’d already committed to attend the Saturday Night Party on the #biggreenbus, told them we were taking a break from the Brick Store Pub & instead using the Deep End as a beginning/ending point & bada boom, bada bing, the switcheroo was set!

What a perfect spot!! Very, very few people walked by the bus without stopping to chat or, at the very least, doing a few double-takes at the bus, lol. It is kind of hard to miss!

Eventually, most of the crowd had arrived & they were inside playing this mysterious <to us> game. Curiosity got the best of us so we went up to check it out & grab a couple of tacos at the same time.

What a surprise!

Just as the name implied, there was lots of flipping going on, cups bouncing on & off tables everywhere, tons of drinking or should we say chugging & sporadic bursts of super-loud cheers as some teams advanced & others were eliminated!

It reminded me of the exciting, enthusiastic games of quarters that I <vaguely> remember… The ones that I may or may not have played before I was legally old enough to drink!!

The winning team: Atlanta Bar Crawls!! More on that later…

But GOOD on Three Piece Suit Football for organizing such a fun afternoon while also raising much-needed funds for a very worthy charity: Pets for Vets! Turns out this is just a side event & the main event <a full-on football game where the players wear three piece suits> occurs in February. STAY TUNED bcuz we’ll definitely be back to support that fun event!

Now about that road trip… PAUL the bus driver <left> & STEVE the drummer were ready & waiting!

As soon as 11 cute young ladies arrived <the small bachelorette party & the small birthday party>, we somehow managed to get close to 40 people settled into 34 seats <!!!> & it was time to hit the road!

We had multiple guests of honor on board: AMANDA was celebrating her upcoming wedding with a small group of girls from Columbus, GA…

ERIN <dark hair girl w/ glasses> was celebrating her 24th birthday with a small group of girlfriends from Atlanta… <I SEE YOU, EVAN!!>

CAM was celebrating a very successful 10th ANNUAL FlipNik Tournament…

The Zirger family was celebrating their FlipNik WIN!!

After our very talented band apologized profusely for not knowing the Queen classic, the entire bus broke into song to serenade the Atlanta Bar Crawls team for winning the FlipNik tournament!

And the amazing ART <with drummer Steve keeping the beat> kept the people singing along all night long!!

Unfortunately we ran into SNAFUs GALORE at the breweries <UGHHHH> so no pics & those spots shall remain nameless!

But the party was on the bus as the remaining road trippers celebrated the weekend, lol!

Thank you all so sooo much for celebrating “LIFE” during the Saturday Night Party on the Rockin Road Trip! We hope you had as much fun as we did! PLEASE SHARE this blog with your friends cool

We’re celebrating a PRIVATE 40th birthday party on SAT 8/25 but why not spread the word about our next public road trip?
Please remember we need a MINIMUM of 10 & a MAXIMUM of 34
or our next road trip is a NO GO
which makes us sooo sad.

August 31 from 7-10

NEVER FEAR—singing is NOT mandatory!
And it probably won’t take place at all until AT LEAST the 2nd or 3rd portion of the road trip! Best of all: SAVE $5 so it’s just $29 per seat!!! RESERVATIONS REQUIRED so book your trip & pass the word right away!

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip