A young lady named Alainey (the gorgeous brunette in the front row on the right) called Rockin Road Trip over a month ago to inquire about a road trip in July but she didn’t mention until a day or two ahead of time that this was a Birthday Blast for a very special young man named Joseph. We gathered @ the Brick Store Pub, this group of beautiful young people loaded the #biggreenbus on Saturday, July 21st & we hit the road @ 4PM!

We were fortunate to have 4 excellent musicians on the bus!

As you can hear, the band was GREAT & the party was ON!! Then they played a tune by the Eagles & “Miss Eagles” just about lost her mind!!

One of the best portions of any road trip is the KISS-KISS portion… Fortunately, this group was only too happy to comply!

Somewhere along the way, we stopped at our first brewery (ORPHEUS) but forgot to snap any pics… And then this super-fun group started to get crazy!!

Time for 4 Poses @ 3 Taverns Brewery!

All good times must end so we had to load up the #biggreenbus to take this wild & crazy group of Rockin Road Trippers back to where we started… But first, we definitely had a little more fun on the way!

Thank you all for celebrating Joseph’s 24th & special thanks to Alex & his group for joining the road trip! We hope you had as much fun as we did! PLEASE SHARE this blog with your friends cool

Why not help us spread the word about our next road trip?
Please remember we need a MINIMUM of 10 & a MAXIMUM of 34
or our next road trip is a NO GO
which makes us sooo sad.


July 28 from 7-10

NEVER FEAR—singing is NOT mandatory!
And it probably won’t take place at all until AT LEAST the 2nd or 3rd portion of the road trip!

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie
Rockin Road Trip