Margot & I traded no fewer than 23 emails (read it: TWENTY-THREE emails!) + 1 last minute phone call to work out all the details so we could successfully surprise her boyfriend DAN for his 30th birthday. Just gotta say: WOMEN ROCK!!

After our early birthday party ended, I chugged a quick glass of ice water & then met Margot’s group of Rockin Road Trippers out in front of the Brick Store Pub. We waited a short while & then the #biggreenbus pulled up so we hopped aboard on Saturday, July 21st just before 7:30PM!

Looking good… but it seemed we were missing a few key people… But we had a plan & Margot pulled it off PERFECTLY! She kept her eye out for the bus & told Dan to come outside because the Uber was there!! Don’t think he had a clue!

We had back-to-back road trips that day & it was a tiny bit challenging but our four musicians were more than up to the task!

This group really knew how to get their PARTY ON & before we knew it, things were clicking & the party was happening!!

So far, so good. And then the sun went down… And this group kicked it up a notch (!!), starting with some pretty amazing singing to wish Dan a happy birthday!!!

Thank you all for celebrating Dan’s 30th on the Rockin Road Trip! We hope you had as much fun as we did! PLEASE SHARE this blog with your friends cool

Why not help us spread the word about our next road trip? Please remember we need a MINIMUM of 10 & a MAXIMUM of 34 or our next road trip is a NO GO which makes us sooo sad.


NEVER FEAR—singing is NOT mandatory! And it probably won’t take place at all until AT LEAST the 2nd or 3rd portion of the road trip! Best of all: SAVE $5 so it’s just $29 per seat!!! RESERVATIONS REQUIRED so book your trip & pass the word right away!

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie Rockin Road Trip