Ginger’s 50th Birthday Road Trip took place on Saturday, June 9th but it REALLY started way back on a rainy, yucky day in late January… As a brand new baby business, it was the first official road trip for Rockin Road Trip & what better way to get things started than w/ a SaturDAY Drinking Road Trip, featuring the amazing Brewery Road & a few of their friends.

Turns out Ginger was one of those friends!

By the time we got off the #biggreenbus @ the end of that road trip, the wheels in her head were already turning towards her 50th birthday. So when she reached out to Rockin Road Trip in late May, we thought it was a great idea & we were only too happy to accommodate a special pick-up & drop-off for Ginger & her road trippers. Then Master Coordinator/Husband Norman took over the guest list & the rest is history!

After months & months, what a pleasure to welcome three amazing musicians onto the Rockin Road Trip bus for the 1st time: Art Linton (acoustic guitar & vocals), Marcus Durham (bass guitar & back-up vocals) & Special Guest Steve Flores (electric guitar). We quickly learned that these guys were able to entertain us for hours with all the songs we know & love… like Squeeze Box by the WHO.

As the road trip got underway & we hit the road towards Brewery #1, we knew this was gonna be a F-U-N group!!

After 45 minutes of sampling sours, IPAs & who knows what else, we all hopped back on the #biggreenbus to begin our voyage to Brewery #2. And you can believe me – that’s when things started to get interesting! The birthday girl & birthday girl’s hubby started things off & it spread from there…

Raise your hand if you’re having FUN!!!!

Before we knew it, we arrived at Brewery #2! It was the perfect spot to STRIKE THE POSE!

All good times must come to an end so we reluctantly hopped aboard… And after a few too-short red lights, this group broke ALL THE RULES about sitting down as the light turned green. Thanks to the amazing band & the talented dancers, this #redlightdanceoff was epic!


And before ANYONE was ready for it, we arrived back @ the Brockett Pub. What a wonderful 50th birthday surrounded by friends… we should all be so lucky! So you be the judge… Did Ginger have a happy birthday?


Thank you all for letting us participate in your BIRTHDAY BLAST!

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And don’t forget a very special THANK YOUUUUUU to Ginger for turning 50 on the #biggreenbus!!

We would love to plan a road trip to help you celebrate something that’s important in your life… EVEN IF IT’S JUST THE WEEKEND, lol Finally, please help us spread the word about our next road trip!

SEMI-PRIVATE HAPPY 60TH June 23 from 4-7

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie Rockin Road Trip