How exciting to meet the road trippers for our 1st ever WIG PARTY!!

We knew they were about to have one of the best experiences of their lives!!

As they lined up in front of the #biggreenbus for a group pic while it was still light, I assured each & every one that they would have a blast… But I don’t think they fully believed me ?!?

Then we boarded the bug & they heard the groovy sounds of Zach Cambria on the keys & Ali Howard on the drums…

Think things were starting to click & the road trippers were definitely intrigued about what was gonna happen on Atlanta’s ONLY Rolling Music Venue combining friends, live music & beer!

And right about then, the Beautiful Girls & the 1st Red Light Dance Off took things in an entirely new direction!

The party was definitely happening & that was before we even arrived @ brewery #1!

Since the forecast had called for up to 100% chance of thunderstorms, we were sooo fortunate to have just a brief shower while we were taking a partial group photo op inside Orpheus Brewing!

Before we knew it, it was time to get back on the bus.

Then we had just enough time for a KISS-KISS, a group pic & a great singalong song before we arrived at brewery #2!

Three Taverns was definitely the place to STRIKE THE POSE!!

And then it was time to hop back on the bus!

We had time for one more LEGIT Red Light Dance Off before we got back to Big Tex…

In case we didn’t get enough footage, we thought we’d sneak another Red Light Dance Off in but this wasn’t quite legit, LOL. As you can see from the dancing bus owner outside on the sidewalk at the very end, the bus was not rolling:)

Thank you all for letting us participate in our 1st but hopefully not our last SUPER FUN WIG PARTY!

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And don’t forget a very special THANK YOUUUUUU to Georgia for turning 30 on the #biggreenbus!!

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Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie Rockin Road Trip

P.S. Hope you all somehow got home safely & hope you found the missing phone… We looked & looked but it did not turn up inside the bus!