When a young woman contacted us to organize a road trip for a small group of her fellow schoolteachers, we knew it would be fun… but we had no idea it would be THIS MUCH FUN!! That small group grew & it grew… By the time we added a few other friends, the group came THISCLOSE to filling the bus & oh what a night we had on FRIDAY, May 18!!

For the first but not the last time, a fun group consisting of two brothers called the Sober Up, Pussycats entertained the road trippers!

If you’re ready to have fun & do something different, welcome aboard & make yourselves comfortable!

So far, so good… Atlanta’s ONLY Rolling Music Venue sounded intriguing & don’t miss the ROMPERS!!

OOPS!! We forgot to get pics @ Orpheus, lol. But all aboard bcuz it’s time for this party to roll on… Next Stop: THREE TAVERNS—home of the delicious sour beers (and a few other things, of course)!

It was definitely time to STRIKE THE POSE!!!

And just when things were starting to get interesting, it was time to hop back on the #biggreenbus!!

Bye-Bye & Thanks, Amy & Jordan!

Between the #RedLightDanceOff, the sing-along & the special guest singer, these road trippers were ready to PARTY!

Thank you all for letting us participate in your END OF SCHOOL YEAR BLAST!

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A special THANK YOUUUUUU to the schoolteachers for all you do!!

Contact us to plan for YOUR big event & please help us spread the word about our next road trip!


Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie Rockin Road Trip

P.S. Hope you all somehow got home safely & hope you found your pink phone, Ramsey 🙂