Way back in early April, we got a call from a young lady with a special request. Would it be possible to organize a birthday blast on the #biggreenbus to celebrate her friend’s milestone birthday? Yes, it was possible & YES–IT HAPPENED on Friday, May 11!!

Unfortunately, in spite of all the hard work & planning, we ran into a SNAFU (!!!) Thankfully everyone was smiling when we boarded the bus & prepared for takeoff!

Three extremely talented musicians provided the entertainment for the birthday party! You really can’t go wrong with Jimmy Buffet so that’s how they started things out.

No one really knew what to expect but a 30th birthday party on Atlanta’s ONLY Rolling Music Venue sounded intriguing…

Then our trio got into some serious blues, their specialty. This may not have been the happiest of music for the happy birthday party 🙁 but the road trippers seemed to handle it well, especially since the musicians were obviously very talented. What a great version of Eric Clapton’s ‘Before You Accuse Me.’

We stopped first @ Orpheus Brewery but oops—forgot to get pics!! Then we were back on the bus & we cruised to Three Taverns! The party seemed to be progressing nicely…

That’s when things really started to get interesting 🙂 And it was definitely time to STRIKE THE POSE!

Before anyone was really ready to go, it was time to get back on the bus & continue the party! It may have been #RedLightDanceOff time or maybe ‘Raise Your Hand If You’re Having Fun!’ lol.

Time for a sweet toast for a sweet birthday girl from the sweet girlfriend who organized the birthday blast!

Next we said GOODNIGHT to our musicians & Michelle said HELLO to the karaoke!

Sing it, Birthday Girl!

What a beautiful smile to wind up the party! As requested, we dropped the birthday girl & her guests off at Atkins Park.

Thank you all for letting us participate in your BIRTHDAY BLAST!

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FRIDAY FUN May 11 from 7-10

Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie Rockin Road Trip