While we were getting green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day @ Orpheus Brewery last month, we had no idea that we were being observed or that plans were underway for what would turn out to be Amanda’s 30th Birthday Road Trip on April 28!

We arranged for two uber-talented musicians (Zach Cambria & Ali Howard) to provide the entertainment & by special request, we arrived outside her house @ 3:45 to pick-up Amanda & her guests.

Time to groove to the music while we cruised to Wild Heaven.

Things were a little chaotic w/ a confusing closing time to accommodate a private party but we made it work by discussing the Clermont Lounge (did you all make it??), planning a future trip to a winery & then we picked up several hitchhikers, one of whom promptly fell into the drummer, lol.

Don’t you just love it when everyone starts LOVING everyone else, lol. KISS-KISS!

When we arrived at Three Taverns, the time was right to STRIKE THE POSE!

Then a couple of things happened at almost the same time. First, Amanda got into karaoke…

and the lights suddenly went out on Chris for a brief period.

But just like that he was BACK!

And then it was time to sing a song to the birthday girl!

This road trip had it all… A busload of beautiful people with beautiful smiles AND a guy who danced on EVERY SINGLE RED LIGHT DANCE OFF!

Thank you all for letting us participate in your BIRTHDAY BLAST!

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Cheers & hope to see you soon!

Danny & Julie Rockin Road Trip