We tell everyone “YOU SHOULD GET ON THIS BUS WITH US” but have you stopped to wonder exactly WHY we say it?? Well, we’re glad you asked 🙂 Turns out there are lots of reasons… but we’re just pointing out the TOP 5 REASONS you should get on this bus with us!

  1. Drinking craft beer is loads of fun but if you think outside of the box, it’s easy to see that this is a really UNIQUE WAY of doing it!
  2. Anyone can Uber or DD (and you should!) but you can’t drink at the same time, can you? We absolutely guarantee this is SAFE TRANSPORTATION!
  3. Hanging out with the same old people is fun but isn’t it nice to meet new people who share your interests? Hop on the bus & by the time the trip ends, you’ll make up to 35 NEW FRIENDS!
  4. Listening to music on the radio or when a DJ spins the records is great but there’s something extra special about listening to & watching several very talented LIVE MUSICIANS perform in front of your very face!
  5. From Piedmont Park to Virginia Highlands to Little 5 Points to Grant Park to Oakhurst to Avondale Estates to Decatur & everywhere in between, you can’t deny that we go to INTERESTING PLACES!

The bottom line is THIS IS FUN & we guarantee you’ll agree 🙂 So book your trip now & we will see you on the bus!